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7 week online beginner course - Begins Monday November 6th..

spaces are limited so every student gets the attention they deserve!

All course content taught via dedicated lesson website with daily support & any questions answered by dave (privately via email or in the private course facebook group).

Over the duration of seven weeks we will be learning..


The 10 Chords needed to play 1000's of Songs!

Learn the most common open chord shapes that give you the freedom to play many of todays songs along along with classics from the past. You will also learn a way to connect up the shapes so they are remembered easily!


The most common & useful Strum patterns!

Together we will cover rhythm patterns used by the Bob Dylans of decades gone by up to the Ed Sheerans of today. Each rhythm is broken down along with a supplied Jam Track to play along with!


Guitar Maintenance

Learning how to play Guitar is all well and good but taking proper care of it so that it sounds and looks good is important too. Learn how to tune your guitar, restring it and generally maintain it so that it serves your playing in the best way possible.


Basic Music Theory & Ear Training

..yes, I said the word Theory! You will find exercises to improve your musical ear and also learn the most common pieces of music theory you need to communicate with other players as you begin Guitar.

Dave Donoghue

  • 18+ years experience on Guitar
  • Registered member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors
  • Diploma in Guitar Teaching from London College of Music


My name is Dave and two of my favourite things to do are playing and teaching Guitar.

Why I feel learning an instrument is important..

For me it comes down to three things: people, places & experiences. Sometimes I sit back and wonder what my own life would have been like without having taken up an instrument & if it does for you a fraction of what it has done for me I'll have considered this course a worthwhile investment of both our time. Socially and personally, the doors that guitar can potentially open are unlimited, whether its something as simple as connecting with others over shared musical interests or perhaps playing your new party piece at a singalong. Even just allowing yourself the chance to learn something new in the form of an instrument while as simple as a step as it may seem can begin to give you a growing confidence in trying new things in other areas of your life!

Why learn with me..?

For the past eighteen years I have been playing and studying Guitar, particularly in the past five, teaching full time to a wide variety of ages, abilities & lifestyles. Somewhere along the way I developed a keen interest in goal setting so breaking things down to make them easier to learn & understand is a key element of my teaching. I've taught the 'G' chord more times than I've tied my shoelaces (ok, maybe thats a slight exaggeration) but, once you've taught a thing so many times the patterns to effective tuition & learning reveal themselves. Thats how I feel about the basics on this course: the information is structured, tried & tested from experience, along with addressing the common pitfalls & offering the best solutions to dig a student out of them.

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