This Week's Live Lesson

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Tue Nov 14th @ 7.30pm - 

The Chords of Christmas

A rundown of the most important chords to begin learning as Christmas approaches.

Lesson handouts can be downloaded here

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are having a great week, all going well up here in Dublin. So just a few little points I'd like to share about the live stream happening this Tuesday..:-)

1. Only I'll be on camera, the purpose of this lesson is to share some cool Christmas type chords & hopefully keep everyone going with their playing rather than lose out on another week or so before private lessons resume the following week!

2. You can post a comment / ask a question at any stage during the lesson via the chat box next to the lesson video: I have the chat box set to private so only I will see what people write and ask :-).

3. This lesson will only work if you do the work afterwards, so a handout with some exercises will be shared at this link on the day!

4. This is my first time hosting a live lesson in this way, so please keep in mind there may be a few gremlins, but hopefully not, fingers crossed!!

what a student needs for this lesson...

I know rural broadband has its ups and downs but if you can play YouTube videos at home then this should work just the same..the lesson can be viewed through your TV, Laptop, Tablet or any handheld device like a Phone or iPod. Just grab your Guitar, visit this link on the device, and click "play" on the video when 7.30pm comes.

how it works...

I am sharing the information just as I would in a regular lesson, saying the same things & available to answer any questions via the private chat. Now the one element of private lessons that is missing would be my ability to see how students are performing with what is being start off I'll have the most common pitfalls explained in the lesson & will be checking in with everyone next week to see how they got on. The video will also be left up online once I am finished so it is available to view at any time and for as many times as they wish :-)

Any questions just let me know,

Looking forward to it!