Basically the really cool thing about learning guitar is that is doesn't have to be separate from other things you are interested in..What do soccer and guitar have in common..How can Art & Guitar be joined will find out! Its easy to imagine Guitar having a history just like everything else does..?

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For the young strummers..

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Next section is for the Moms & Dads..
Most kids have a natural way of picking up new info — they learn best either by listening, looking, or doing. By answering the following 6 questions I am able to teach to your child's strengths & maximise their enjoyment on Guitar! (by the way if you are unsure what to answer for some of the questions just imagine what you would answer if you did know).
1. You let your child pick out one toy at the toy shop. Which are they most likely to choose? *
2. If your child could only pick one after-school activity, which would they choose? *
3. You’re out to dinner and there’s a 10-minute wait. How does your child occupy themselves? *
4. When your child picks the family activity, which are they most likely to choose? *
5. When your child reads a book to themselves, they: *
6. Which of these tablet activities is your child most drawn to? *